6th Int’l Microinsurance Conference set

The 6th International Microinsurance Conference will be held at the Hotel Intercontinental in Makati from Nov. 9 to 11, 2010.

The event is hosted by the MunichRe Foundation and the Microinsurance Network supported by GTZ/BMZ, Georgia State University’s Center for the Economic Analysis of Risk and the Philippines’ Department of Finance.

At least 500 participants and over 80 speakers and facilitators from around the world will exchange experiences and discuss the challenges of microinsurance. They include representatives from insurance and reinsurance companies, international organisations, NGOs, development-aid agencies, academics, policymakers, regulators and supervisors.

The conference will have four plenary panel discussions on key topics addressing an interdisciplinary audience. 16 parallel working group sessions will deal in depth with different subtopics. Interactive sessions are a key part of the conference, facilitating dialogue in small groups on emerging issues.

Among the topics to be discussed are:

1. Case studies on innovative and sustainable microinsurance programmes and/or products

2. Thematic issues

New distribution channels

Microfinance institutions are perhaps the most common form of distribution for microinsurance, but through what other channels does insurance reach low-income households? Submissions that compare the relative effectiveness of different distribution channels are particularly relevant.

Claims handling

The real meaning of microinsurance occurs when a claim is paid, but how can microinsurers ensure that happens quickly? How can they ensure that the claim is not rejected? Submissions should outline the terms and conditions that work best for insurer and client, what redress is available and effective, and how the community contributes to claims processing.

Strategies to develop microinsurance

An enabling environment is key for the development of microinsurance. The sessions will discuss include the role of policymakers and regulators to include a more inclusive insurance market.

Microinsurance solutions for natural disasters

The devastation of Haiti in January has raised awareness about the importance of microinsurance and disasters, but can microinsurance really make a difference in the event of earthquakes, droughts, floods, hurricanes and other natural disasters? Submissions should focus on experience linked to implementation and learning relevant to coverage for co-variant risks.

Insurance literacy

The low-income market often does not understand insurance, so how do microinsurance providers overcome this problem? Preferred submissions would include cost-benefit analysis to assess the effectiveness of consumer education methods.

Scientific track – Economic analysis of microinsurance markets

The 6th International Microinsurance Conference will have a scientific track to encourage rigorous economic analysis of microinsurance markets. Empirical, theoretical and policy-oriented papers will be presented.

Past Micro Insurance Conferences


During the 5th International Microinsurance Conference held between the 3rd and 5th November in Dakar, Senegal, nearly 400 experts and practitioners from 64 countries discussed new approaches for the provision of affordable insurance products to the world’s poor. In a new cooperation venture with the renowned “Journal of Risk and Insurance”, and the support of CIMA, AIO, FANAF and the ILO, experts were invited to present their research. The conference was also awarded The Global Accelerator Award.


The 4th International Microinsurance Conference was held in Cartagena, Colombia from 5 to 7 November 2008 and was supported by Fasecolda, FIDES and the Superintendencia Financiera de Colombia. Over 400 participants discussed issues involving the four main conference topics, which were technology, capacity building, innovation and regulation, supervision and policy.


The 3rd International Microinsurance Conference was held in Mumbai, India from 13 to 15 November 2007 with the support of IRDA (Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India). More than 300 microinsurance experts and practitioners discussed the latest trends and developments in microinsurance. One of the focuses of this year’s conference was issues involving regulation, supervision and policy (more)


The 2nd Microinsurance Conference took place in Cape Town, South Africa from 21 to 23 November 2006 and was entitled “Making Insurance Work for Africa”.  With the support of Finmark Trust, more than 150 experts from international organisations, non-government organisations, development-aid organisations and the insurance industry exchanged experiences and discussed the challenges of insuring low-income households.


The 1st Microinsurance Conference was held in Munich, Germany from 18 to 20 October 2005, and was entitled “Making Insurance Work for the Poor: Current Practices and Lessons Learnt”. The purpose of this conference was to present the main findings from the case studies of microinsurance operations around the world, and to use this forum to discuss the recommendations that are emerging from these experiences.

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